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My Story

Six months passed, my college bestie asked if I had my breast checked out. Sadly, my response was a reluctant no. That very moment, I decided it was time to face my fears and make an appointment. I squeezed in an appointment for the following week during my lunch break. Little did I anticipate the ordeal that awaited me.

That day at the medical facility felt like an eternity, spanning five hours, two ultrasounds, two mammograms, and a biopsy. The longest night of my life followed as I anxiously awaited the doctor's call the next day.

The diagnosis shattered my world. Stage 2 ER+ breast cancer. It meant that the cancer cells in my body were responsive to estrogen, demanding swift and comprehensive treatment. The first step was removing my IUD, which was unknowingly fueling my breast cancer.

My incredible team of doctors devised a personalized treatment plan. Radiation therapy, administered daily over six weeks, was a central component. Each session precisely targeted the cancer cells with radiation lasers guided by tiny tattooed markers on my skin, ensuring accuracy while sparing healthy tissues.


In addition to radiation therapy, I underwent a lumpectomy – a surgery aimed at removing the tumor while preserving my breast's natural appearance. It was a challenging journey filled with unexpected obstacles, like an infection during radiation treatment. But we tackled each setback head-on, prioritizing my health and recovery.

Through it all, I couldn't have persevered without the unwavering support of my amazing family and friends. Their presence was my rock during these challenging times, and I am eternally grateful to them.

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